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Meet Maya, The Kitten With Down Syndrome Who Already Has Her Own Book

Maybe you didn't know, but Down Syndrome not only affects humans but also affects animals. Animals can suffer from something similar, an example is Maya, she is a kitten who has broken the internet, she is an influencer and already has her own book.

"She has an extra chromosome and wants to show the world that the difference is extraordinary," says the account description.

In her Instagram profile, Maya's owner often publishes photos and videos of Maya. She loves her cat so much that she has decided to launch a book for children with the aim of raising awareness among the youngest about down syndrome.

It is known that down syndrome only exists in the human species, which has 23 pairs of chromosomes - where genetic information is contained -, and manifests itself when a person has an extra copy of chromosome 21, basically three instead of two .

However, this not only affects humans but also animals. Animals may also suffer from genetic abnormalities, and experience chromosomal trisomies of some kind, which give rise to cognitive and physiological difficulties or anatomical abnormalities.

"This adorable book of drawings introduces @meetmayacat and teaches children of all ages to accept those who are different. Written to normalize disabilities or physical, developmental and emotional conditions of all kinds, this book can open everyone's eyes to the idea that every life deserves love and acceptance,” says the book's presentation.

The proceeds of the book are donated to The Odd Cat Sanctuary - where Maya was rescued.

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